Date: Friday, Aug 11th

Arrival time: 4:45pm, Event begins at 5:00pm

Title sponsor: Collingwood Whisky

Watch as details about this event are updated below.

(If we let all the details out at once, tickets would be gone like the wind!)

Here’s what we can tell you today …

  • Tickets are 70% Sold!

  • Dress Code: Elegant Casual. You can leave your tux and gown at home.

  • Dinner: Catered by Oliver & Bonacini and entertainment will be a jewel in the night. Dr. Darryl Collings will be featured in the Fund a Need Auction.

  • Location: Clearview Township, 10 minute drive from Collingwood G&M Hospital. This unique, indoor location is on level ground. Climbing 3 or 4 stairs will be an option if you are feeling adventurous.

  • There are a limited number of tickets available at $300 pp ($100 donation receipt)

Let your imagination run wild! This is one event you can’t miss.

All you need is this ticket to enjoy an Evening on Cloud 9.

More details released: June 11th

To purchase tickets please call the Foundation Office at