BLUE MOUNTAINS, ON – June 21, 2017 – Blue Mountain presented the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation (CGMHF) with a $91,789.60 contribution on Friday, June 9th which includes cash and “in kind” donations.

BMR has designated CGMHF their charity of choice and staff consistently engage in events and programs that raise money in support of the Hospital.
For the third year Blue Mountain has donated one of the most popular springtime programs designed for families, the Active Pack, which raised $25,000 this year. This program spreads valuable awareness about CGMHF amongst local families and young kids.

Other charitable initiatives include an annual donation from the Memory Lane Memorial Park, donations from staff events.

Resort leadership matches the annual employee donation and is currently involved in an extremely generous $150,000 pledge to the CGMHF.
The Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation would like extend a sincere thank you to Blue Mountain Resort for their growing support and charitable vision.