Collingwood – Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation (CGMHF) is excited to announce that it successfully reached its $1 million goal to raise the funds necessary to renovate all 58 inpatient rooms.  Thanks to very generous community support, the renovation will create bright & well-maintained inpatient rooms, incorporating state of the art technology to keep patients safe from the bacteria that can cause Hospital Acquired Infections.

“Every patient deserves a safe, clean & comfortable room for treatment & recuperation in hospital,” says Jory Pritchard-Kerr, CGMHF Executive Director.  “The deteriorating state of these rooms is not conducive to good patient care or infection control.  We are so grateful that our community recognized this important need and invested in our vision.”

A new facility for CGMH is 8 – 10 years away and over 50,000 inpatients will be cared for in the existing Hospital before a new facility is built.  Inpatient rooms at CGMH were last renovated over 20 years ago.

While it’s not possible to increase the size or number of inpatient rooms, they are in need of a much needed facelift.  Bright, cheerful rooms encourage optimal healing.  CGMH will also install state of the art infection control technology to limit the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).

The $1 million raised will cover the following investments.

  1. Each inpatient room will completely repaired and painted.
  2. Walls will be covered with damage resistant cladding (four feet high) for more effective cleaning and prevention of further dents and scrapes
  3. New patient entertainment/communication/educational units will be installed at each bedside
  4. Each patient washroom will be equipped with:
    1. Ultra Violet type C (UVC) lights complete with motion sensors that will automatically bathe the room in micro-organism killing UV light when unoccupied.
    2. Copper infused toilet seats – copper rapidly kills bacteria, yeasts and viruses on surfaces but is risk free for human touch
    3. Smart sinks with motion sensor activation that ensures patients don’t have to touch handles or faucets. The sinks produce ozonated water which is four times more effective than bleach in breaking down and killing pathogens and bacteria.  The sinks are specially designed to prevent splash back which spreads germs.  The sinks also produce ozonated water to automatically rinse the sink after every use.

CGMH will be the first hospital in Ontario to fully implement all of this technology in every inpatient room.

In addition, CGMH will purchase a Mobile Room Sterilizer unit.  This portable, lightweight, remote controlled, “twinned” UV light set is designed to be used in virtually any room that requires surface disinfection.

Knowing that CGMH was committed to continuous improvement of infection control strategies, Class1 Inc. of Cambridge, Ontario approached CGMH to push innovation even further.  In late December, a contract was successfully negotiated with Class 1 for CGMH to become a demonstrator site for further advancements in technology driven infection control.

CGMH will be the first hospital in the world to provide self-sterilizing patient rooms.

Five private inpatient rooms will be equipped with:

  1. UVC lights to bathe the entire inpatient room with micro-organism destroying UV light. Lights will be both motion sensor activated or can be push button activated by patients or care providers when the room is empty.
  2. Copper infused wall panels and high touch surfaces (bed rails, over-bed tables, door handles and door push plates) to rapidly kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces within the patient room
  3. Copper infused shelving units in patient washrooms to further limit the spread of microorganisms

In addition, CGMH will equip all public washrooms with ozonated sinks and copper infused toilet seats.

Funding for this state of the art technology must be provided through community support of the Foundation.  As a result, the CGMH Foundation is extending its Inpatient Room Renovation Campaign into 2019 to raise an additional $200,000.



If you have any questions about this release, please contact

Jory Pritchard-Kerr, Executive Director,

Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation at 705.444.8645


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