Honour a Caregiver

Were you touched by the care you or a loved one received at our Hospital? Making a donation in honor of the caregiver that provided exceptional treatment, to you or a loved one, is the perfect way to say thank you. You can help give caregivers at the Collingwood Hospital the tools they need to help others. Contact Jesse Dees to make your gift today.

Baby Wall

Commemorate the birth of your child at the Collingwood Hospital and the excellent care provided with a permanent display of your child’s full name and birth date on our baby wall. This monument is prominently displayed for parents and visitors in the OBS department. Gifts to the baby wall help to purchase equipment for other babies arriving at the hospital too! Contact Alison Sheffer to purchase a baby balloon today.

In Memory

When you honour the memory of a loved one with a memorial gift to the Collingwood Hospital Foundation, you help ensure the continuation of quality healthcare in your community. A cumulative gift of $5,000 or more can be recognized on The Memorial Wall which is situated in the Hospital’s main public corridor. Contact Alison Sheffer to make your gift today.

In Honour

A donation can be made in honour of a holiday, a wedding, an anniversary, to celebrate a birthday or just to say “get well soon”. The Foundation will send a card notifying the honoree of your contribution.

Monthly Giving

Monthly donors are at the heart of our long term planning efforts. Regular contributions help to purchase new equipment and technology for the G&M Hospital. Giving monthly is a convenient way to organize your charitable giving.  Here’s how you can make a monthly gift now: https://cgmhf.com/give.

Major Gift

Have a significant impact on healthcare in your community by making a Major Gift to the Collingwood Hospital Foundation. We will work with you to tailor a recognition and direction of gift package to your specific needs and interests. To learn more about supporting the Collingwood G&M Hospital or to discuss your philanthropic objectives, please contact Jory Pritchard-Kerr.

Become a Hospital Hero

Interested in planning an event to raise funds for the Collingwood Hospital? Brainstorm with friends and colleagues to develop an event that excites you. Each event is unique and your success is important to us. Please contact Crystle Martynuik to find out how we can help you with your third party event.

Become a Volunteer

Collingwood Hospital Foundation Volunteers are talented and devoted individuals who play an integral part in our success. There are a number of exciting and unique volunteer opportunities for our signature events and in the office. Please contact Jesse Dees if you are interested in joining our amazing team of 70+ Foundation volunteers today.

The Giving Circle

The Giving Circle a group of like-minded women from our community who focus on funding “exceptional” needs not generally covered under the CGMH capital budget. The Giving Circle provides a unique opportunity for members to be part of a decision making process that will direct how their gifts are used. For more information about the Giving Circle please contact Jory Pritchard-Kerr.

Planned Gift

Planned Giving is a wonderful way to ensure your Hospital continues to have the modern medical technology it needs to provide exceptional patient care in our community. A planned gift allows you to make a significant future gift without affecting your current income and it can provide you with considerable tax advantages. For more information please email plannedgiving@cgmh.on.ca.

Stocks/ Securities

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds is one of the most tax-effective ways to make a gift during your lifetime or as part of a legacy gift. In recent years the changes to the Canadian tax laws have made donating publicly traded securities a very attractive option because the capital gains tax on the gifted security does not apply. Click here for our Transferring your Marketable Securities Form or contact Jory Pritchard-Kerr for more information.

Gift of Life Insurance

Gifting life insurance is a great way to leverage tax benefits while making a much larger gift to your favourite charity than you ever thought possible! There are a variety of ways that a gift of life insurance can work for you.  Each has different tax advantages.  Contact our Legacy Giving Team to learn more about making your insurance gift: foundation@cgmh.on.ca.