Dr. Alyssa Boyd, Family Physician & Palliative Care Lead

I am proud to work at the Collingwood G&M Hospital.  Your care team works hard every day to ensure quality healthcare in our community and across our province. You probably hear a lot about the innovative work being done in big city hospitals, but we want you to know we’re doing it here too.

I am the lead physician for the new Shared Care Team initiative – a collaboration of care providers in our community. Our goal is to ensure that every patient in our region that would benefit from a palliative care approach receives seamless, timely and compassionate care throughout their illness.

We have an incredibly hard working and dedicated team.  Whether it’s streamlining care, enhancing the family doctors’ abilities to provide gold standard palliative care, reducing the need for ER visits at end of life, supporting families through bereavement or helping patients to focus on living even though they might be dying, this initiative is going to make a real difference to our palliative patients and we are one of only a few communities doing this.

This innovative model of palliative care, being referred to as the “Collingwood Approach” will make a difference one patient at a time.