Dr. Gregg Bolton, Emergency Physician

As a clinician in the Emergency Department and Hospitalist programs, as well as the current President of the Medical Staff, I am very excited to participate in areas such as medical education and quality improvement at the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.

As a proud member of the CGMH team, I have participated in various aspects of medical education at CGMH. As the coordinator for medical residents and students in the Emergency Department we have overseen an increase in teaching hours to over 3300 in one year, which is quite an accomplishment for the size of our ED. This teaching exposure not only improves our current staff’s knowledge base, but enhances our commitment to rural healthcare now and in the future.

Through our partners at the CGMH Foundation and Rural Ontario Medical Program we have recently initiated a pilot project utilizing medical scribes in the Emergency Department. With this innovative venture we hope to improve overall patient satisfaction and safety, increase departmental efficiencies and allow physicians to do what we do best – deliver excellent patient care.

I am also proud to be involved in other innovative projects as a member of our Simulation Committee. These activities include developing and practicing responses to life threatening scenarios, improving multidisciplinary resuscitation skills, and identifying potential patient safety risks during critical events. These and other activities drive our team members to continually provide high quality, safe, innovative care to our hospital – We’re Doing It Here!