Dr. Jesse Guscott, Anesthetist

In addition to my clinical roles as an Anesthetist, Hospitalist and former Emergency Room Physician, my career at CGMH has allowed me to pursue my passion for teaching and medical education.  I have been fortunate to be involved in the training of hundreds of medical students and resident physicians since starting here in 2006.  At CGMH I think we can inspire learners by showing them that rural medicine can be incredible medicine.

Since 2009, I have been the Program Director for the McMaster Family Practice Anesthesia residency, training family physicians to develop anesthetic skills for practices in small and medium sized hospitals.  Graduates from the program provide vital services in rural communities across the country.  In addition to educating trainees, I also teach a number of courses to practicing physicians across the country.  My favourite topics to teach include ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, emergency airway management and skills for critical illness resuscitation.

In recent years my primary educational area of interest has been simulation education.  Using high fidelity mannequins we can simulate realistic crisis situations in order to help individuals and teams develop both the technical and team focused skills necessary to optimize responses to such life threatening crises.  Through the generous support of the Foundation and committed community members, we have been able to purchase the technology necessary to bring high fidelity simulation to CGMH. I’m very excited for this next chapter in medical education at CGMH.

We’re doing it here.