Dr. Kylie Booth, Emergency Department Chief

As the Chief of Emergency Medicine at CGMH, I am very proud of the team of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals we have assembled.  We are committed to high quality, patient centred care.

Medical trainees and residents from across the province book almost 18 months in advance for rotations with our amazing staff.  Our team is committed to excellence in medical education, and we have staff who are recognized provincially and nationally for their expertise.

Despite our small and relatively rural location, we expertly manage complex medically fragile patients with great skill.  We certainly hit above our weight class!

I am confident that we can continue to achieve exceptional patient results despite the fact that we are a small Emergency Department working from a tiny physical space/footprint.

We have embraced innovative projects and are committed to continuous process improvements both big and small.  We pride ourselves on our successes with the provincial “Pay for Results” program – we have been top 10 for performance in Ontario for the last four years. Our commitment to efficient care leads to better patient experience and satisfaction.

We know people usually end up in the ED on their “worst” day and so our team is committed to making that visit go as smoothly as possible for our patients and their families. We’re doing it here – providing exceptional emergency care in a small but extraordinarily successful emergency department.