Dr. Murray Miller, Chief of Radiology

Dr. Miller was Chief of Radiology at Queensway Hospital for many years before it became Trillium Hospital. He was President if the Medical Staff at Trillium and in that capacity served on the finance committee and the Board. Dr Miller also served on the board of the Trillium Hospital Foundation for six years and was active in numerous campaigns. Dr Miller has served as an advisor and director of a number of private and public companies. He is active in the medical technology space.
In 2018 CGMH became the first Canadian hospital for IBM’s state of the art PACS system for radiology. This along with a new voice to text system has dramatically reduced the time between getting an exam done and the report arriving to your doctor. We are in the process of adding some additional features that will produce further improvements partnering with Canadian software vendors to streamline information flow.
CGMH is becoming a leader in medical imaging technology and is a demonstrator site for IBM – We’re Doing It Here!