Dr. Peter Wells, Family Doctor

I am proud to work at the Collingwood G&M Hospital.  Your care team works hard every day to ensure quality healthcare in our community and across our province. You probably hear a lot about the innovative work being done in big city hospitals, but we want you to know we’re doing it here too.

In 1988, my vision for making a difference in people’s lives by enhancing and enriching the available healthcare systems in rural communities led me to develop the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP). The motivation: new doctors were just not coming to practice rurally.  Having them leave the academic centres in the big city to see how healthcare is delivered in communities became a great way to highlight the benefits of setting up a practice in Rural Ontario.

Today this education program is highly regarded by all six of Ontario’s medical schools, Canadian as well as International Medical Schools. We work with over 1,000 Preceptor physicians across 90 Rural Ontario communities to educate over 800 medical students and resident doctors a year. ROMP coordinates medical as well as interprofessional education and training to promote practice and quality education in rural Ontario healthcare. But we do more than just placing learners in rural settings to practice medicine, we grow local doctors through community based training.

When not serving patients in my family practice in Collingwood or mentoring ROMP Learners, I am providing inpatient care at the Collingwood G&M Hospital in the Operating Room and Obstetrics Department, working as an Investigating Coroner or at the Moose Deer Point Aboriginal Station as well as Horseshoe Valley & Argyle Nursing Stations.

I look forward to continuing my involvement in supporting our area’s ongoing efforts to enhance patient care through innovation and collaboration