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A great opportunity to put your social distancing exercise to the test. Competitive runners, first timers, and walkers all welcome! Join us by completing a Virtual 5k or 10k race and raise money for the CGMH Foundation and the COVID-19 Critical Response Fund!

As a runner it has been tough to see race events canceled this season due to our current circumstances. These events are fun, but also great ways to keep me motivated with my running and training as I have things to aim for. I know this feeling is shared and many of my running clients have said the same thing to me. On top of this I know that a lot of people have started walking and running more in the area because of the limitations on other activities available, and the fact that we have some more time on our hands. So I have decided to organize a virtual race week as it will keep me training, help my clients keep training, keep the community active, but most importantly it is an opportunity to raise some money for a fantastic cause. We know virtual races are not the same as regular race meets with hundreds of runners to compete with, but it is the best we can do in the current circumstances and it is an opportunity to set your own training goals and work towards them!

A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, on your own schedule, and time it yourself. Due to this, it is not a competition between participants, but a challenge or competition against yourself. The race is set up over a week so that we do not all go out and run at the same time in the same general area… that would not be good for social distancing practice!

Wonder Where to complete the challenge? Anywhere you would like. We are using Strava App to map your route and upload your time to the club page, you just need to complete the distance.

How To Participate in the Fun:

Step 1: Register with Strava using this link, join the group (CGMH Social Distance Race) and choose the race you want to join. https://www.strava.com/clubs/CGMHsocialdistancerace 

Step 2: Donate your “registration fee” on this fundraising page.  Look at this as your race “registration fee” that you normally pay throughout the season. Please donate whatever you are comfortable with during these difficult times.

Step 3: Share this information with your friends, family, and colleagues, and encourage them to join and donate!

Step 4: Continue with your training and exercise, and set yourself an individual goal to meet.

Step 5: During the race week, go out and complete your exercise of choice. Remember to take your phone with you and open the Strava app so that it records the activity. It will track your distance and upload your official time to the leaderboard.

Step 6: Have fun!

We hope that this will be a nice way to keep people active, give some structure to the race season, and allow people to challenge and push themselves. But most importantly, we hope that it is a nice way to raise some money for a great cause. So please please please do your part, go to the link above and donate your registration fee.

Thank you all, and happy training!

-Matt Sheldon, Third Party Organizer