External Complaints Process

Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation (CGMHF) is a registered charity that is committed to the highest standards of conduct. CGMHF values feedback from its donors and the community it serves.

From time to time there may be concerns or complaints related to CGMHF policies or programs. We recognize the right of our public stakeholders to make these concerns known to us and pledge to work to resolve all complaints in a timely, fair and respectful manner.


The following policy and procedure has been developed to create a fair and transparent process to receive and respond to external complaints.

Scope and Application

This policy applies to complaints from CGMHF’s stakeholders including donors, Board, staff, and volunteers. CGMHF will handle these complaints internally.

Complaints from donors and community volunteers related to programs and services provided by the Collingwood G&M Hospital (the Hospital) will be directed through the Hospital’s complaint process.

Complaint Process

  1. All complaints will be directed to the CGMHF Executive Director at foundation@cgmh.on.ca or 705-444-8645.
  2. Complaints can be received in writing, by email or by telephone and must be accompanied by the name and appropriate contact information for the person lodging the complaint.
  3. Upon receiving a complaint, staff will fill out the attached Complaint Processing Form and direct it to the appropriate staff person for review and follow up.
  4. Review of complaints will begin within 48 hours of receipt.
  5. The Executive Director will notify the Chair of the Board of complaints which:
  6. cannot be satisfactorily resolved with72 hours, or
  7. are received from Dr. Stephen Society Members, major gift donors, monthly donors or Foundation volunteers.
  8. Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint within 21 working days of receipt.
  9. The number, type and disposition of complaints will be reported to the CGMHF Board of Directors at least annually.