Dr. Kylie Booth
Dr. Kylie BoothEmergency Department Chief
As the Chief of Emergency Medicine at CGMH, I am very proud of the team of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals we have assembled. We are committed to high quality, patient centred care… Read More
Dr. Alyssa Boyd
Dr. Alyssa Boyd Family Physician & Palliative Care Lead
I am the lead physician for the new Shared Care Team initiative – a collaboration of care providers in our community. Our goal is to ensure that every patient in our region that would benefit from a palliative care approach receives seamless, timely and compassionate care throughout their illness…Read More
Dr. Solhail Gandhi
Dr. Solhail Gandhi Family Doctor
I’m proud to have been a member of the Family Practice team at CGMH for 25 years – the place where all four of my boys were born. There has been a lot of change in healthcare during that time and much of the time, we’ve been leading the way.
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Dr. Jesse Guscott
Dr. Jesse GuscottAnesthetist
In addition to my clinical roles as an Anesthetist, Hospitalist and former Emergency Room Physician, my career at CGMH has allowed me to pursue my passion for teaching and medical education. I have been fortunate to be involved in the training of hundreds of medical students and resident physicians since starting here in 2006… Read More
Dr. Michael Lisi
Dr. Michael Lisi General Surgeon & Chief of Staff
I was proud to lead CGMH into the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) and to be one of the first rural hospitals accepted into this internationally recognized Health Quality Ontario (HQO) program…
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Dr. Harry O'Halloran
Dr. Harry O'HalloranFamily Doctor
I am currently the Clinical Lead for the South Georgian Bay Sub-Region of NSM LHIN.
I have had multiple leadership roles in Primary care including Co-Chief of Family Practice at Collingwood G&M Hospital, Lead Physician of the Georgian Bay Family Health Organization and most recently, I have been the Physician Lead for the South Georgian Bay Health Link. … Read More
Dr. Peter Wells
Dr. Peter Wells Family Doctor
In 1988, my vision for making a difference in people’s lives by enhancing and enriching the available healthcare systems in rural communities led me to develop the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP). The motivation: new doctors were just not coming to practice rurally… Read More
Dr. Jennifer Young
Dr. Jennifer YoungFamily Doctor
The work I am currently most excited to be involved with is Choosing Wisely Canada – a national campaign to help clinicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests and treatments and make smart and effective care choices…Read More
Dr. Murray Miller
Dr. Murray Miller Chief of Radiology
Dr. Miller was Chief of Radiology at Queensway Hospital for many years before it became Trillium Hospital. He was President if the Medical Staff at Trillium and in that capacity served on the …
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Dr. Jeff Matte
Dr. Jeff MatteEmergency Doctor and Vice President of Medical Staff
I have been a proud member of the CGMH team for the past 5 years. In addition to my clinical role as an Emergency Room physician and the current Vice-President of the . … Read More
Dr. Gregg Bolton
Dr. Gregg BoltonEmergency Doctor
As a clinician in the Emergency Department and Hospitalist programs, as well as the current President of the Medical Staff, I am very excited to participate in areas such as medical education and quality … Read More
Natalie Kirby
Natalie KirbyRegistered Midwife
I am proud to work at the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. I am honoured to be part of an interdisciplinary obstetrical team that leads by example and is inclusive, respectful and provides …Read More