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100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years

 Ten local charities are making history by joining together in one exciting new fundraising campaign.

On September 20th, 2016 the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation along with 9 local charities and in collaboration with Wayne Noble of Noble Insurance, launched an insurance campaign to the community.


It has been almost 100 years since Howard Noble was born. Founder of Noble Insurance Company, Howard was known throughout Southern Georgian Bay as a pillar of the community. A proud supporter of many community groups and charities, he was also a prolific insurance salesman!

In celebration of the upcoming anniversary of Howard Noble’s birth and his philanthropic nature, community charities have jointly launched a new campaign “100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years”.

Howard sold hundreds of policies over his more than 60 years in the insurance business. Many were sold to protect families against financial disaster. Things have since changed and many families no longer need the benefits those insurance policies were meant to provide. Now those policies can benefit your favorite local charity and provide potential tax advantages.

Wayne Noble is a proud supporter of his father’s legacy and dedicated to improving his community by giving to charity. “To celebrate my father’s 100th year I am asking you to review your old insurance policies and decide if you still need that coverage. If your family situation has changed, consider gifting that policy to a local charity. Let’s gift 100 policies in my father’s 100th year”,  says Wayne Noble, Honorary Campaign Chair.I’ve already started by donating a policy to the CGMHF and Hospice Georgian Triangle…..only 99 more to go.

If Philanthropy if one of your goals, donating your Life Insurance policy to your favourite local charity can be a powerful strategy. It allows you to make a larger gift, while generating current tax benefits.

Click here for a full list of local charities that are accepting insurance gifts.


Photos of the 100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years Campaign launch

To view the photos of the 100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years, please visit the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation’s Facebook Page 

Listen to the Peak FM Radio Interview for More Information

Click here to listen to Jory Pritchard-Kerr (CGMHF Executive Director), Wayne Noble (Honorary Campaign Chair), and Nigel Cooper (National Ski Academy) talk about the kick off of the 100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years campaign on the Peak FM!

Local Charities Join Together in Exciting New Fundraising Campaign

Collingwood – September 20th, 2016 – Today eleven local charities made history by joining together in one cooperative fundraising campaign.  “100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years” is a collaborative effort led by the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation (CGMHF) to encourage local residents to support their favourite charity by donating insurance policies.

Click here to read the full press release. 

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