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Together, we can inspire, challenge and foster innovative projects and help our community thrive.

The Wellness Innovation fund awards grants, on an annual basis, for innovative projects that focus on health and wellness in South Georgian Bay. By bringing together the Collingwood Hospital Foundation and Hospital, healthcare service providers, and community wellness stakeholders, we are finding new opportunities and innovative ways to keep the future of our community healthy and thriving.

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About the Fund 

The CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund has been established to provide seed monies to initiate or support projects and/or programs that will significantly contribute to enhancing the wellness of Collingwood General & Marine Hospital (CGMH) patients and/or citizens of the South Georgian Bay community. Income generated by the Fund will be used annually to support selected innovative wellness enhancement initiatives and partnerships. Emphasis will be placed on selecting projects and programs that stimulate creative, collaborative and innovative models and methods both within CGMH and in partnership with agencies, organizations and citizen groups within the South Georgian Bay Communities. The CGMH Foundation President & CEO will be responsible to vet all applications prior to presentation to the Fund Advisory Committee for discussion and evaluation. Vetting will be done in consultation with the CGMH Senior Leadership Team.

Funding available:

  • $10,000/year is the maximum that may be designated for any one proposal.
  • Multi-year funding is available for up to three years, however, applicants must report annually to ensure that outcomes are being achieved.
  • Granted funds must be spent within the calendar year they are provided as outlined in the approved grant application.



  • Lead applicant is defined as the group submitting the proposal and responsible for the project/program’s management.
  • The Lead applicant is encouraged to partner with other community organizations.
  • Lead applicant must be located within core CGMH Service Area (Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, The Blue Mountains, Clearview Township and neighbouring communities in the Municipality of the Grey Highlands).
  • Preference will be given to not-for-profit or charitable organizations. Applicants residing within for-profit organizations will be required to apply through a not-for-profit sponsor organization.

Project/program outcomes must:

  • Enhance health and wellness for patients, citizens or visitors to the core service area.
  • Improve programs/projects currently in existence (must decrease delivery costs and/or improve effectiveness).
  • Not be for the purpose of revenue growth for a for-profit organization or individual.

The Fund is designed to provide seed funding to help launch innovative wellness-focused projects and programs or to improve existing programs. Preference will be given to projects/programs that have well thought out financial sustainability plans.

Application Process & Timeline
  • Grant applications will be available on the CGMH Foundation website with a submission deadline of December 31st.
  • The Fund Advisory Committee will review and evaluate vetted applications and choose successful applicant(s) by January 31st.
  • Successful applicant(s) will be notified by February 14th.
  • Successful applicants must return a signed Grant Agreement before funds will be released.
  • Upon receipt of the signed Grant Agreement a community announcement of the successful project(s) will be made.
Grant Scoring Criteria

The following criteria will be used to score the grants:

  • Proposed project/initiative is clearly forward thinking, unique and builds sustainable innovation wellness leadership.
  • Wellness improvement outcomes are specific, measurable and have defined evaluation criteria.
  • Proposed outcomes directly relate to improving the health and wellness of residents and visitors to the CGMH service communities.
  • Proposal includes a comprehensive budget.
  • Proposal includes an ongoing financial sustainability plan for the project/program.
  • Proposal is collaborative and includes two or more not for profit or charitable organization stakeholders or partners.
  • Proposal includes a plan to recognize the contribution of the CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund.

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Some recently funded projects: 

Annual Application Deadline: December 31st


We believe more needs to be done to ensure South Georgian Bay continues its leadership in Community-based wellness innovation – the best place in Ontario to live, work, play and be healthy! Consider joining the Halls and a growing group of donors to build this special endowment fund. Programs like the ones highlighted above await your support.

You can support the CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund with an outright gift now or as a legacy gift in your estate plan. Many donors are finding that gifts of marketable securities or insurance policies are an attractive and effective way to achieve both their philanthropic and financial goals. 

Please email, to discuss a gift towards the CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund.

About the Wellness Innovation Lead Donors, Barb & Larry Hall

Larry and Barb Hall’s connection with South Georgian Bay runs deeply, beginning in the late 1960’s with seasonal visits to ski with their family at the Alpine Ski Club. Occasional family member visits to the CGMH emergency department convinced them of the importance of a best-in-class hospital in the area. And Larry got involved, facilitating the planning for one of the Hospital’s first major fund-raising drives. Fast forward to the Fall of 2017, Barb and Larry had witnessed the growth of the Hospital Foundation, its impact on helping to foster excellence in care delivery at the Hospital. Importantly, the Hospital had attracted a cadre of best-in-class medical, support and administrative staff. South Georgian Bay was also growing with its people presenting challenging high expectations for service delivery. The Foundation had responded to this challenge, progressively raising the required monies to fund innovation. The Foundation’s focus was mostly on funding tools – the equipment that facilitated superb patient treatment and outcomes. Concurrently, the Hospital’s staff had created a hotbed of treatment innovation unparalleled in a rural hospital of its size in Ontario.

But, as observed by the Halls, the growing health innovation talent outside of the Hospital in the community could be better challenged and fostered. What was needed, thought the Halls, was a source of seed capital to encourage and fund innovative wellness projects in Southern Georgian Bay Communities. The Foundation’s response to the Halls challenge was swift and effective – the result- the CGMH Foundation Wellness Innovation Fund. 

The Halls assumed the role as lead donors and provided $100,000 of funding. The Foundation convinced the Halls that the Fund needed broader Community support and capital of at least $250,000 to provide sufficient income to fund meaningful projects. The Halls responded with an additional $75,000 of matching funds and the Foundation mobilized to find additional community donors to reach the required funding goal. Quickly the community stepped up – a dozen new donors responded, and the goal was met – and the search for community-based Wellness Innovation projects commenced.

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