CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund

Barbara & Larry Hall, Lead Donors.

VISION. That is how this Fund came to be. A shared vision that with financial support, can create new ways of doing things in Southern Georgian Bay to make us the healthiest community in Canada.

 Information for donors who want to support a legacy of innovation.

The CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund was created by Larry and Barbara Hall in December 2016 with a generous $100,000 gift. The Fund was established to provide seed monies to initiate or support projects that will significantly contribute to enhancing the wellness of CGMH patients, community members and visitors of the South Georgian Bay community. Income generated by the Fund will be used annually to support selected innovative wellness enhancement initiatives. Emphasis will be placed on selecting projects that will stimulate creative, collaborative and innovative models and methods that will provide improved wellness outcomes.

Innovative Impact in South Georgian Bay


The Living Wish Foundation is a brand new non-profit organization driven by a group of dedicated local professionals who are volunteering their time and expertise to build a charitable organization dedicated to “reframing hope, one wish at a time”.  Their mission is to improve the end of life process, to help people “die well” by granting very simple wishes.  The Wellness Innovation Fund granted $10,000 to fund the process of incorporating the organization and then seeking charitable status.  The legal work is out of the way now and the group is waiting for the CRA to grant their charitable status.  In the meantime, they continue as volunteers to support palliative patients and their families in creating lasting memories through supporting simple wishes.  To be truly inspired, visit

The Innovation Navigator Program is the brain child of Dr. Michael Lisi, CGMH Chief of Staff and his colleagues at the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP).  Over the past few years, Dr. Lisi has led CGMH to innovate in extraordinary ways through unique community partnerships.  The culture has extended across CGMH in such a way that frontline staff and physicians generate over 500 change ideas annually which have been implemented within the organization and with community partners.  Innovative initiatives include everything from studying the effect of malnourishment on surgical outcomes to creating a unique partnership with the area OPP to meet the needs of those in our community suffering from mental health issues. There was, however, a lack of follow up and scientific rigor in deciding which changes had the most impactful outcomes meriting additional investment and dissemination.  The Innovation Navigator Program is changing that by studying these projects and finding ways to ensure the best projects are given the resources and support they need to truly succeed.  The Wellness Innovation Fund joined with other CGMHF donors to support this important, collaborative initiative.


The first $10,000 grant was awarded in January 2018 to the Be Well Community Collective, a cooperative of the Georgian Bay Family Health Team, the Simcoe/Muskoka District Health Unit and Healthy Kids Collingwood.  The group has accomplished much in their mission to improve the health of children in our community through the 10-5-2-1-0 messaging (encouraging children to strive daily to get 10 hours of sleep, 5 servings of fruit & vegetables, less than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of exercise and 0 sugary beverages).  The grant helped the group to create an amazingly interactive website that demonstrates to kids and their families that health can happen anywhere.  We suggest you take a minute to visit the site to understand the full capacity of what has been enabled through support of the Wellness Innovation Fund.

Interested in investing in the CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund?

You can support the CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund with an outright gift now or as a legacy gift in your estate plan. Many donors are finding that gifts of marketable securities or insurance policies are an attractive and effective way to achieve both their philanthropic and financial goals. Smart philanthropy!

Please email, to discuss a gift towards the CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund.

Do you have an innovative wellness project and want to apply for funding from the CGMH Wellness Innovation Fund?

Please contact Jory Pritchard-Kerr for more information. Applications are due September 30th annually.


Phone: 705-444-8645

  • Lead applicant is defined as the group submitting the proposal and responsible for the project/program’s management
  • Lead applicant must be located within core CGMH Service Area (Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, The Blue Mountains, Clearview Township and neighboring communities in the Municipality of the Grey Highlands).
  • Preference will be given to not for profit or charitable organizations. Applicants residing within for-profit organizations will be required to apply through a not for profit sponsor organization.
Project/program outcomes must:

  • Take place within the CGMH Service Area
  • Enhance health and wellness for patients, citizens or visitors to the core service area
  • Be clearly innovative and collaborative in nature
  • For programs/projects currently in existence, the proposal must decrease delivery costs and/or improve effectiveness
  • The purpose or core outcome of the proposal must not be to increase revenue for a for-profit organization or individual