Meet CGMHF Board Member Brad Miller

My name is Brad Miller, happily married with two kids both born at CGMH in 2011 and 2013. I completed my undergrad and my MBA at Laurier and have my CPA, CMA accounting designation. I had worked with TD Bank moving all around Ontario before moving to Collingwood in 2010 and fell in love with the area. I now work with the local glass company AGNORA as their CFO since 2014, getting to experience a fantastic corporate culture every day and seeing our glass shipped across North America.

I volunteer with the Foundation for a couple different reasons. Primarily it was because of the excellent care we received with both of our boys’ deliveries-and many subsequent visits) and the desire to give back. I really enjoy working with all of the great people that are involved with the hospital, including our healthcare professionals, the Foundation staff, and especially the amazing volunteers on the board and committees. I’m also very proud to be associated with a hospital that is constantly on the leading edge of innovation and quality care.

What is the biggest impact you’ve seen during your board tenure?

Some moments that have stood out for me:

  1. Seeing Collin G Wood (the Simulation Mannequin) for the first time and having Dr. Jesse Guscott demonstrate how CPR is properly provided, and hearing about how the Foundation’s fundraising is going to help provide such amazing hands-on training for those infrequent emergency situations.
  2. The Cloud 9 event when Chris Hadfield spoke, specifically seeing over $150,000 raised in literally minutes to help fund a new fracture table. I was so impressed by the passion and commitment of the Hospital’s donors, but it also really struck home that it’s up to donations to provide the necessary equipment so the doctors & nurses can do their jobs the best they can.
  3. And of course the new Hospital. Having a chance to see behind the scenes all of the work, planning and discussions required to build a new Hospital gives me a whole new level of commitment as a donor and fundraiser. It’s easy to dream about what a new Hospital could look like, but we all have our part in making it a reality.