Meet CGMHF Board Member Debora Bloom Hall

Debora joined the CGMHF Board in 2018.  She originally came to the area as a Ski Patroller in the early 1980’s and 20 years later settled in the Town of Blue Mountains.  She currently resides in Collingwood.

Her resume includes professional sales across a number of different industries including banking that subsequently grew into professional development, business coaching and a strategic planning career. Debora has also been a Board member of the Canadian Ski Patrol System, Treasurer and Director at Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club and was Chair of the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Her introduction to medical services as a medical emergency provider coupled with support for her husband while he was a patient at CGMH helped her learn first-hand about the facilities and people.  Finally, as a recent ambulatory patient at CGMH, Debora personally endorses the quality of medical care and compassion received. Debora would like to help others learn that ‘hospitals build communities’ and donors fund majority of the equipment used to diagnose, treat and care for patients.

What is the biggest impact you’ve seen during your board tenure?

Among numerous innovations including the room renovation and infection control technology to the much needed fracture table and birthing unit improvements, CGMH would not be the leader it is today without the support of its donors and hospital leadership.

The extraordinary collaboration between the CGMH doctors, nurses and staff, the hospital Board, Foundation and our donors is an enviable model.  This special relationship has resulted in outstanding recognition for CGMH and is propelling us towards a new facility.