Meet CGMH Board Member Geoff Davies

A professional engineer with a BSc from Queen’s University, Geoff enjoyed a 30 year career as a senior consulting engineering executive with a focus on relationship/client development, and management and execution of large power utility based projects. He has a passion for growing and nurturing of organizational cultures which foster high quality and safety.  Having been a part time Collingwood area resident since his early teens and a full time resident starting in 2003, his desire to work in the local community led him to a very enjoyable conclusion to his professional career working at Creemore Springs Brewery where he took on responsibility for the expansion and redevelopment of the brewery. Geoff subsequently became Head of Supply Chain for the Craft Beer Division of Molsons which included oversight of Creemore Springs .

Geoff has significant professional and volunteer board experience ranging from the Canadian Nuclear Association to Rays Place, a Creemore based organization which assists students from the local area in achieving their post-secondary education goals. Geoff and his wife Carolyn (a CGMH volunteer) enjoy the active lifestyle and growing artistic and musical culture local to the Collingwood area.

Geoff is honoured to be a CGMH Board Trustees.

Why do you volunteer?

I am motivated to volunteer at the Hospital for two main reasons. 1. I love my local community and am very motivated to do what I can to better the lives of its citizens and the overall community in general.   2. I believe in the concept of universal health care as it exists in Canada and want to do what I can to ensure that it is delivered as compassionately and efficiently as possible to ensure its long-term sustainability.

What is the biggest impact you’ve seen during your board tenure?

I am new to the Board of Trustees but on first impressions am most impressed by the excellent culture at CGMH including the commitment to patient focus, innovation and team work.