Meet the Collingwood G&M Hospital’s new Simulation Mannequin! This new technology will be used to train physicians, staff, medical residents and students on how to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency. This state of the art simulation mannequin creates an immersive and realistic training experience. Simulating life threatening crises provides a unique opportunity for all care team members to develop and practice the technical, communication and teamwork skills necessary to optimize performance in any crisis situation.

CGMH Respiratory Therapist Jessica Metherall explained the importance of this new technology to CGMH staff, “Having this new piece of simulation equipment will allow staff throughout the hospital to practise procedures and interventions with a more lifelike feel. Our simulation man has many features that give a more realistic idea of how a patient may or may not react to different interventions”.

How will this equipment affect our staff’s ability to care for our patients?

“Staff are able to use this equipment in a comfortable environment where they will be able to practice and learn with the SimMan, allowing them to get more confident with their skills. By continually and frequently running education sessions and mock codes with this SimMan we are enhancing the care that our patients will receive when they are at CGMH”.-Jessica Metherall, Respiratory Therapist