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Privacy Statement

The staff and volunteers of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation (CGMHF) are highly respectful of the privacy of our donors. Accordingly, we are committed to protecting all personal information in our possession.

Donations are essential to support and enhance the health services delivered by the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital (CGMH) to the people of the South Georgian Bay. In order to fulfill our mission of raising funds for the capital needs of the CGMH, we gather and use a limited amount of personal donor information.

CGMHF does not rent, sell or trade any personal information with third parties.

All personal information is confidential and CGMHF employs electronic and manual safeguards to protect against unauthorized access, loss, or alteration of personal information entrusted to us (see Appendix 2 attached).

Personal information generally includes name, address, telephone number and philanthropic history with CGMHF. CGMHF may also collect and retain an individual’s opinions or beliefs as expressed to us, as well as facts about, or related to, the individual. Business contact information and certain publicly available information may also be collected and retained. In order to ensure that we are reaching the broadest possible support base for our charitable activities, we retain all such personal information until instructed by the donor to discontinue our use and retention of it.

Personal information collected by CGMHF is used to receipt all gifts to CGMHF and to keep donors informed and up to date about our activities, programs, special events, funding needs and opportunities to give.

For recognition purposes, the first and last names of our donors may be displayed in the hospital and in the CGMH Annual Report to the Community. Donors wishing to withdraw their consent to use their personal information in this fashion, may contact us at (705) 444-8645 or via email at

Donors wishing to remain anonymous may do so by so indicating at the time of making a donation. Otherwise, we will assume they have given their consent to the publication of their names in the manner described above.

Donors who supply CGMHF with their email address may receive periodic emails about our programs or upcoming events. Email addresses are kept strictly confidential and are used only to reply or send information if authorized by the email account holder. Donors wishing to withdraw their consent to use their personal information in this manner or to change previously provided personal information, may contact us at (705) 444-8645 or via email at

The Privacy Officer for the CGMHF is Jory Pritchard-Kerr, CGMHF President & CEO. Donors wishing to view their personal information or request changes to the information retained in the CGMHF file may do so by contacting Ms. Pritchard-Kerr at (705) 444-8645 or via email at

This Privacy Policy complies with all applicable Canadian laws and established guidelines for charitable organizations, and is based upon the 10 principles of fair information practice as laid out in the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

All revisions to this privacy policy will be posted on our website at Copies of this policy can also be obtained by contacting us at (705) 444-8645 or via email at

Approved: June 17, 2004

Revised: March 4, 2021


Safeguards for the Protection of Personal Information

The following security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information collected and stored by Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation (CGMHF) are employed to protect personal information.

Electronic Safeguards

All information collected and stored by CGMHF is maintained on the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital’s computer system and is protected by the same safeguards used to protect medical records.

All computers owned and operated by CGMHF are password protected. The CGMHF computer system automatically requires users to change their passwords every ninety days.

We have received written confirmation from our website maintenance and hosting vendor of the procedures which they have in place to ensure that the privacy of donor information is maintained in their organization. They have also described those procedures in place in the organization which operates the website on their behalf.

CGMHF’s electronic fundraising files are protected by a secondary personal password system.

CGMHF’s voicemail system is password protected and requires the user to change the password every sixty days.

Physical Safeguards

Hard copies of personal information are kept in locked filing cabinets and drawers in the CGMHF Office which is kept locked when staff is not physically present.

Confidentiality Agreements

CGMHF makes its employees aware of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal information. As a condition of employment, all CGMHF staff and office volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Disposal of Personal Information

Care is used in the disposal of personal information. To prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to information, CMGHF shreds all paper copies of personal information when it is no longer needed.

Approved: June 17, 2004

Revised: March 17, 2021