FAQs on Collingwood G&M Hospital (CGMH) Redevelopment Project

Q1. What happens now?
A. CGMH will continue to work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) through the 5 Planning Stages for Redevelopment. Each stage will require approval from the MOHLTC. We are currently finalizing Stage 1 resubmission which incorporates the updated population and patient numbers and hope to move to Stage 2 by the end of 2019. It is anticipated the project will become a reality within the next 8 years.

Q2. When will the campaign begin?
A. Based on current planning numbers $80M will need to be raised from the community. This is the local share of the project. A campaign of this magnitude has never been attempted in South Georgian Bay and will require a great deal of preparation before launching.

Q3. Local share cost breakdown
A. The redevelopment project is a partnership between the MOHLTC and the people of South Georgian Bay.  The formula to calculate how the costs are divided is illustrated in the chart below.

Q4. Where will the hospital be built?

A. The preferred site for a Redeveloped Hospital still remains the Poplar Side Road, east of Georgian College which is being offered as a donation but the MOHLTC will make the final decision on the location of the new hospital.

Q5. Why are we still fundraising for equipment in the current hospital?

A. The Redevelopment process will take approximately 8 years. In the meantime, our doors are open, our services are needed. We continue to need to replace equipment and invest in new technology required to deliver the best care for our patients today and through the next 8 years.