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Grateful Patients Stories

If you would like to share your donor story, we would love to hear from you. Donor stories inspire our medical staff to continue to do what they do. They also inspire other people to donate to your hospital and impact many other patients. 


no-photo-600x600 Mike's Story
“I was so impressed with the care I received from Dr. Darryl Collings and the whole team at CGMH. It was beyond anything I expected.
no-photo-600x600 Alex's Story
Nov 14 2022 began like a typical Monday for Alex, until he experienced upper back pain. By midnight, an ambulance was called and Alex was rushed to CGMH...
no-photo-600x600 Art's Story
When a skiing accident landed Art Church in the CGMH Emergency Department, he was glad that he could be referred to Dr. Koo & his team.
no-photo-600x600 Jax's Story
Three-year old Jax has been rushed to the ER over 115 times. She was born with a heart condition and when she is unwell doctors have to "reset her heart".
no-photo-600x600 Jim's Story
On his way to CGMH, Jim passed out at the wheel and had an accident. As unlucky as this may have been, the rest of Jim’s story wasn't.
no-photo-600x600 Ron's story
Ron woke up feeling hot and sweaty. He took an aspirin, but soon started feeling chest pain unlike anything he felt before. He knew he needed an ambulance.
no-photo-600x600 Serena's Story
At the beginning of Covid, Serena suffered an injury and knew she had to go to emerg, despite suffering from severe anxiety.
no-photo-600x600 Bob's Story
Exactly two weeks after Bob received the news he had cancer, he found himself laying on a surgical bed, hoping they could completely remove the tumour.
no-photo-600x600 Terry & Marilynn’s Story
“The only reason I am still alive today is because of my amazing wife Marilynn’s quick response & the extremely talented staff at CGMH"
no-photo-600x600 Rita & Peter’s Story
"Give in to curiosity, & give in to donations”. Either one could save your life one day.
no-photo-600x600 Barry & JoAnn’s story
Barry and JoAnn moved from Regina to Wasaga Beach to be closer to family and friends, just 7 months after Barry had lost part of his lower leg...
no-photo-600x600 Eddie’s story
On Sunday, June 7, 2020 I needed Emergency Room Treatment. From check in to send off many hours later, I was treated with care and respect for all my...
no-photo-600x600 Cindy’s story
On a cold winter day, Cindy was skiing with friends when suddenly she found herself lying on the snow, having to count on her fellow ski patrollers...
no-photo-600x600 Becky's Story
In March 2021 I was admitted with an unknown heart issue, after a car accident. As it turns out, the car accident saved my life...
no-photo-600x600 Elaine’s Story
I am a nurse at CGMH. From time to time we know we will provide care for our “loved ones”. Within 10 days 2 of my loved ones came through our doors..
no-photo-600x600 Jane's Story
I ended up in CGMH for a three night stay last July. The timing was bad for all of those who were trying to care for us whilst the pandemic continued...

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