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Kara McIntosh


Kara McIntosh is a visual artist who works out of her studio in the Tremont Studios in Collingwood.  As a child and teenager, Kara spent weekends at her family’s hobby farm in the Pretty River Valley and skied at Osler Bluff Ski Club.

After meeting her husband, Jeff Taylor, Kara moved to Craigleith Ski Club where their three children have grown up ski racing and more recently, coaching in the Alpine Programs.  The family has lived outside of Nottawa full-time since 2012.

Kara has a BAH (Political Studies) from Queen’s University and an MSc in Rural Planning and Development from the University of Guelph.  She is a former Director of the Ojibway Club and is a current member of the Board of Directors of the National Ski Academy in Collingwood.

Kara loves to paint, play tennis, ski, hike, read, travel, garden and spend time with her family and friends.

Kara is a founding member of The Giving Circle in support of the CGMHF and is on the Foundation’s Communications Task Force.

Honoured to work with wonderful Directors and Hospital staff, Kara is so impressed with our local healthcare, particularly how innovative and progressive we are.  She is excited to support and help shape the continuing evolution and development of healthcare in our community.