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Board of Directors

Mrs. Jennifer Young
Mrs. Jennifer Young Chair
Mr. Jack Duffy
Mr. Jack DuffyVice Chair
Mr. Ernie Purkis
Mr. Ernie Purkis Past Chair
Mr. Brad Miller
Mr. Brad Miller Treasurer
Mr. Jim Anderson
Mr. Jim Anderson Community
Mr. Jon Cheek
Mr. Jon CheekCommunity
Mr. Michael Dick
Mr. Michael Dick Community
Mr. James Malone
Mr. James Malone Community
Mr. Jack Marley
Mr. Jack MarleyCommunity
Ms. Kara McIntosh
Ms. Kara McIntosh Community
Mrs. Norah Holder
Mrs. Norah HolderHospital CEO
Mr. Thom Patterson
Mr. Thom Patterson Hospital Board Chair
Dr. Michael Lisi
Dr. Michael LisiMedical Staff Appointee