The Right Tools Today

Healthcare is at a turning point in South Georgian Bay. The Foundation is building on strength; a highly successful New Age of Care Campaign, a large and dedicated donor base and strong staff and volunteer leadership.

A re-development project is on the horizon for us. But the horizon is the end result. Our community’s healthcare needs won’t wait until we have a new building. We need to renovate our emergency room so we can provide each patient with privacy and personalized care in traumatic moments. We need to repair basic infrastructure, like elevators and fire alarm panels. We need to give our staff the tools that will help them do the best job possible. With your help, we’ll make wise investments based on today’s needs and those of the future.

Our Mission

We inspire everyone in our communities to invest in the facilities, equipment, programs and services the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital needs to deliver outstanding healthcare

Our Vision

to provide outstanding care for life.

Our Values

These values guide the work of the Foundation staff and volunteers.

The Right Tools Today