3 Ways the Collingwood Hospital Foundation Makes Fundraising Easy

Hosting a fundraiser in support of the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation directly benefits patient care. The Collingwood Hospital Foundation is dedicated to helping you put the fun in fundraising by supporting your efforts. Support comes in many shapes and sizes; whether it be determining the best way to raise funds, spreading awareness, or connecting with our network, we are here to ensure your fundraiser is both successful and fun.

1. Save time & energy by having JustGiving collect the funds

When the pandemic hit in 2020, it brought forward a challenge to find new and creative ways to fundraise. Natalie Kirby, a midwife at CGMH, rose to that challenge with a goal of raising $4,040 before her 40th birthday. Natalie wanted to ensure she could focus on her creative goal without the fuss of collecting all of the funds. We introduced her to JustGiving, a fundraising platform that allows you to accept online donations.

As I was approaching a milestone birthday, I wanted to mark the occasion by giving back to my community,” says Natalie Kirby, “the JustGiving platform was a seamless way for my friends and family, both near & far, to celebrate my birthday with me. Gratitude is a powerful thing and not only did we raise $4,040 for my 40th birthday, but we all got to feel positive about giving back to our community.”

JustGiving provides a safe and efficient way to accept online donations from anywhere. The funds are sent directly to the Collingwood Hospital Foundation, making it one of the easiest ways to fundraise, saving our fundraisers time while allowing them to raise even more funds.

2. We make sure you know the direct impact of your donation funds

Not everyone knows that we fund 90% of CGMH’s equipment. We ensure that your event goers understand the importance of their support and that they are directly impacting the quality of healthcare in their own community. We can provide a variety of different signage options. At the 2022 Musicians Christmas event, hospital flags donned the outside of the venue to welcome supporters. Inside, posters with a QR code that led straight to a unique donation page were placed around the venue so attendees could easily make an additional contribution. Those posters resulted in over $700 of additional funds, bringing the event’s fundraising total to over $5,000. “We found the presence of Hospital banners, table signs and wall posters including donation QR codes helped our emcee and artists to encourage our attendees to both contribute and understand the very important cause Musicians Christmas was supporting,” says Paul Young, organizer of Musicians Christmas, “in producing a successful fundraising event it is very important to maintain a balance of focus”. We strive to ensure that attendees know what they are supporting and why it matters. We will cater our materials to the nature of your event; inspiring your guests and making them feel good about how their gifts are helping out their local community.

3. We offer a network of compassionate and caring people that strengthen our events

Some fundraisers look to us to connect with a broader audience, for help in organizing volunteers or, in the case of AGNORA’s Pre-Loved Fashion Sale, helping collect clothing donations. The team at the Collingwood Hospital Foundation rallied together to donate their own items, as well as reached out to friends, family, hospital staff, and the community to gather clothing and accessories for the sale. “Hosting this yearly event is a way for AGNORA to support an important and impactful cause in our local area. The Collingwood G&M Hospital provides services that affect our entire community,” says Sherri Remnant, Executive Assistant at AGNORA, “our sale relies on the generous members of our community who gladly donate their clothing and accessories, knowing that their items will be given a second home and will raise money for an important cause at the same time.” By utilizing our community connections, we helped ensure that there was plenty of stock for the Pre-Loved Fashion Sale. The 2022 event was extremely successful and raised over $7,000 for the Collingwood Hospital.

Ready to get started?

If you have always had a fun idea for fundraising, or have been looking to engage your community in a feel-good event, let us know. No matter the shape or size of your fundraiser, we are here to help ensure that you can host an event that you will be proud of. With 90% of the equipment and technology at the Collingwood G&M Hospital funded through community support, we need energetic and compassionate event planners like you!

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