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Why is the Giving Circle Different?

The Giving Circle is a new initiative in support of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation (CGMHF) which focuses on funding projects that measurably impact the quality of care provided to patients in South Georgian Bay.
The Giving Circle will focus on funding “exceptional” needs not generally covered under the CGMH usual capital
budgeting process. The Giving Circle provides a unique opportunity for donors to be part of a decision making process that will direct how their gifts are used. Giving Circle members will see the direct impact of their funding and have personal access to those providing care. The Giving Circle operates within a network of social collaboration.

What difference will your support make?

Projects presented for funding to Giving Circle members must have measurable impact. The goal of these projects is to improve patient care not simply through purchasing new technology but by changing a system or program directly related to patient care.
Members will have the opportunity to question presenters so that a complete understanding of the problem and the solution is apparent before funding decisions are made. Projects to be funded by Giving Circle members will be expected to predict patient care improvements. Recipients of funds will be required to report back to the membership within one year of their funding allocations.

How does it work?

Membership in the Giving Circle is available at three levels and is based on a five year financial commitment to ensure continuity in funding and participation. Members can make payments annually, quarterly or monthly according to their personal situation.
Bronze membership – $500 per year for five years for a total gift of $2,500
Silver membership – $1,000 per year for five years for a total gift of $5,000
Gold membership – $2,000 per year for five years for a total gift of $10,000

Support of the Giving Circle qualifies for a charitable donation receipt from CGMHF.

Benefits of a Giving Circle Membership

The Giving Circle is an exclusive opportunity to join a group of like-minded women in support of healthcare in your community. Giving Circle members will meet annually to be educated about unique program and service opportunities at your Hospital by physicians and front line care professionals. Three unique opportunities will be presented each year with a chance to question and interact with those who will be delivering the program. Members will learn, directly from those providing care the impact Giving Circle support will have on patients and families at CGMH. At the conclusion of the presentations, members will vote to determine which program will receive funding for that year.