Transfer of Securities

Support leading-edge research and patient care while saving on taxes

Donating publicly traded stock to the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation is a smart way to make a charitable donation and eliminate any tax on the capital gain. This means you can support leading-edge research and patient care while saving on taxes.

Benefits of a Gift of Securities:

  • Elimination of the capital gain plus the donation tax credit
  • Preferred tax treatment, allows you to make a larger gift than you may with cash
  • Gift can be made today or in the future through your estate
  • Satisfaction of knowing your gift will make a significant impact on healthcare needs in your community

A Sample Scenario

Be sure to speak with your financial advisor to see how this
applies to your portfolio.

Sell securities and donate the after-tax proceeds.Donate Securities to
Original Cost of Securities$1,000
Current Market Value$5,000$5,000
Capital Gain$4,000$4,000
Tax on Capital Gain$920$0
Donation Amount After Tax$4,080$5,000
Charitable Tax Credit$1,877$2,300

Learn more about the applicable rules regarding tax donations to charitable organizations.

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For more information about donating securities now or in your estate contact Jory Pritchard-Kerr at 705-444-8645 or [email protected]

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