5 things everyone should know before hosting a fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser for the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation is both fun and rewarding, and with a little planning, you can host a successful fundraiser that supports healthcare in our community. Nobody knows the importance of planning better than Kevin & Andrea Nash, hosts of Ski Movie Night, an annual fundraiser that has raised over $111k for CGMH. Affectionately known as “the unofficial start to winter”, this event packs in South Georgian Bay’s most passionate ski community together to watch Warren Miller’s latest film, auctions, raffles, games, and more. We asked Kevin & Andrea to share their top 5 tips to ensure an entertaining event that maximizes funds raised without it becoming a full time job.

#1: Pick something you love

It seems obvious, but if you raise funds around something you enjoy, then it doesn’t feel like work. Ski Movie Night was born from a passion for skiing. You may have an evening of crochet races instead. Whatever you decide, it has to be fun, relative, and interesting to you.

#2: Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

Imagine it in wonderful, lengthy, colourful, great detail! Dream it, picture it, and then map it out. List out all of the details you can think of, starting with “what, who, when, where, and why.” Remember, this process takes time; allow for it, and the rest will fall into place.

#3: Teamwork makes the dream work

You want to have a small, agile team. That way you can divide and conquer after you decide who does what. One person may handle the financial details, volunteers, and supplies while another focuses on the event’s content and promotion. As long as everyone knows the part they play everything will run smoothly. Plus, the Foundation is here to support your efforts and guide you through the process right from your initial idea to promoting it, and to collecting funds.

#4: Start small and keep it simple

If you have repeat events there will be plenty of opportunities for your event to grow and evolve. Remember to debrief with your partner/team. Relish the positives and revisit the negatives. What went well? What didn’t? How would you do it differently? You’ll be extremely thankful when you refer back to your notes while planning for your next fundraiser.

#5: Good is good enough

If you strive for perfection you will drive yourself crazy. You may despise your own event and it will become a job. Big or small, your fundraiser will never be perfect, and that is okay. The first Ski Movie Night consisted of renting a movie, selling tickets, and showing it at the Gayety Theatre. It was simple, but it was enough. A very good event will raise good funds for a worthwhile charity, and you will have fun executing your idea.

No matter what type of fundraiser you would like to host, following these tips will ensure that your fundraiser is something you can be proud of. With support from the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation, it is easy to make it fun, and feel good while doing it!

If you have a fundraising idea you’d like to discuss, please get in touch and we will help you reach your feel-good fundraising goals!

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