Bringing Peace of Mind with Monthly Giving

Originally from the GTA, Mark and Jane Palmer relocated to Collingwood with their two sons in the mid 1990s. Two decades ago, they purchased GREENLAND® Consulting Engineers, the first of a few engineering and technology enterprises that they operate from the headquarters in Collingwood.

Ever since then, Mark and Jane have been involved with the Collingwood G&M Hospital (CGMH) Foundation in some capacity. They knew the hospital was a cause they wanted to support, either by attending events or making donations in honour of their physicians.

A little over 10 years ago, the Palmers decided to start making monthly donations to the CGMH Foundation. “The hospital is such an integral and important part of the community. Everyone will need it at some point in their lives,” says Jane who was formerly a Registered Dietician.

Mark recalls when they first moved into town, they used the emergency services quite a bit, just like any family with sports active children: “Our boys had their fair share of hockey, basketball and soccer injuries. There were also times when I decided to be a backyard warrior and had to go into the emergency department for a stitch or two. The hospital has always been there for my family. And sometimes it is easy to take it for granted.”

But they never really took it for granted. The Palmers have always understood the importance of giving back: “I know the Ministry of Health only covers a very small share of the cost of hospital equipment & technology, so we thought it was important to contribute in a steady way”, shares Jane. 

And because they’ve lived in this area a long time, Mark & Jane have witnessed the difference their monthly donations make. Throughout the years they have helped purchase many pieces of equipment with their monthly gifts. Just in the last couple of years, Mark has had to use the CT scanner a few times. And even though the new CT scanner has not been purchased yet, Mark knows his recurring support is helping towards updating this critical piece of equipment and more at CGMH.

“Knowing the hospital is here, and that I can help in some way, brings peace of mind. The older I get, the more I realize it,” says Mark.

“CGMH is a place of caring individuals. And even though we are a small town we have so much great expertise here. People should have great confidence in our hospital.” – Jane Palmer

Reflecting on their monthly donations, the Palmers share that these contributions make them feel like they are part of the community. “If everyone gives a little, we will have the resources that we need,” says Jane. “This hospital is important and we need to make an effort to get involved and invest in our local healthcare, not just for us, but for many future generations in our community,” concludes Mark.

To learn about the Monthly Giving Club, please visit or contact Maria Borges at 705 444-8645 or [email protected].

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