CGMH credits “teamwork” in compelling video as they celebrate National Nursing Week.

May 7th, COLLINGWOOD ON: This month, Canada is celebrating both National Doctors Day and Nurses Week, a time to recognize the extraordinary work done by healthcare professionals. It’s been a tough few years…to say the least. But CGMH’s healthcare team remains committed to providing outstanding care. The CGMH Foundation has just released a “day in the life” video showcasing how the nurses of CGMH are supported by a community of healthcare professionals, from their laboratory department, rehabilitation teams, volunteers, environmental services to IT.

“I have been an Emergency Physician at CGMH for 14 years and have noticed a significant growth within our community during this time. This is not just in the number of people we serve, but in the severity of cases that we are seeing. Our team has responded diligently to the unique challenges that currently exist in healthcare. Many of our staff work extra shifts and extend ourselves while on shift to support the people of this community.” – Dr. Gregory Devet, Chief of Emergency Department, CGMH

May 1st, National Doctors Day, was chosen in recognition of Dr. Emily Stowe, the first female physician to practice in Canada. National Nursing Week, the second week of May, coincides with nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12th. The CGMH Foundation recognizes and appreciates all of the healthcare professionals that provide outstanding care to CGMH.  This year, donations will be invested in CGMH’s Internal Medicine programs, helping their healthcare team to diagnose patients, manage their severe long-term illnesses, and treat complex chronic conditions.

“Our team of healthcare professionals are resilient; relentless in the pursuit of better care for for all of us,” says Alison Smith, Director of Communications for the CGMH Foundation, “Both Doctors’ Day and Nursing Week is a great opportunity for us to say thank you, with the tools and equipment they need to provide the best possible patient outcomes.”

Video features CGMH Nurses Sarah Sargeant, Gavin Chipperfield, and Madison Cook.

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