Collingwood Hospital Foundation welcomes new Board Chair Michael Dick

July 13th, COLLINGWOOD ON: Michael Dick has been elected as the new chair of the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors for a 2-year term. Jack Marley, the previous chair, has been elected as Past Chair for a 2-year term.

Michael is looking forward to building on the accomplishments of the past to secure a better future. “The CGMH Foundation has done remarkable work over the past several decades.” says Dick, “Numerous volunteers have served as Board members and provided guidance and governance to the foundation staff as they have continually met the funding challenges set by the hospital to insure South Georgian Bay residents have quality care for life.”

Michael Dick is a Principal/Shareholder with The Osborne Group in Toronto. Michael graduated from Queen’s University in 1977 achieving a BSc. in mathematics and engineering. Before Michael permanently moved to his family’s home in Collingwood, they started coming to Collingwood on a weekend basis to enjoy the ski hills and community. Michael is also a member of the Mountainview Probus.

“I feel honored and privileged to work with the current Board members and our terrific foundation staff for the next two years as Board Chair to raise the funds required for our redevelopment project so we can give our physicians, nurses and staff the tools, equipment and state of the art facilities that they deserve to make facilitate a high level of patient care when needed.

Michael is grateful for all the donors from Collingwood and the surrounding townships and municipalities who have continued to support the hospital foundation through the Foundation’s various fundraising efforts. “This next campaign will be our biggest challenge to date. It will require everyone to contribute in some way as we will be raising funds to develop a hospital that will serve South Georgian Bay for generations to come. This will be a lasting and useful legacy that this generation can put in place for our children’s children. “

“The Foundation is pleased to welcome Michael into this new role as Board Chair,” says Jory Pritchard-Kerr, Foundation President & CEO, “we also want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Jack Marley and his contribution as Board Chair for the past 2 years. Jack’s commitment to the Foundation has proved invaluable and his contributions will leave a profound impact on the communities of South Georgian Bay.”

Find all of the Board of Directors here.

About the Collingwood Hospital Foundation

The Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation inspires the communities of South Georgian Bay to invest in the facilities, equipment, programs, and services for the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital. With 90% of all the Equipment and Technology at the G&M Hospital funded by community support, the Foundation successfully carries out many large fundraising initiatives to fund the hospital’s most critical needs. Learn more about the Foundation and their vision of providing outstanding care for life here.

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