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Automated Medication Dispensing Units

The healthcare team at the Collingwood G&M Hospital (CGMH) strive to bring the best possible care to patients every day. They are also continually looking to innovate, having patient safety always top of mind.

Because of donors like you, CGMH can constantly innovate. Your investments in the latest equipment and technology allow our healthcare professionals to continue to deliver the safest and best possible care in your community. And for that we thank you.

Our current Automated Medication Dispensing Units (ADU) have been in continuous use for over a decade. The units are approaching end of service, with software that can no longer be updated.

These ADU systems are used to safely dispense medication to patients at CGMH. They are used by physicians, nurses and pharmacists all day, every day.

Nurses use them to safely access and deliver the right medication, to the right patient, at the right time.

Pharmacists stock the ADU systems with hundreds of doses of medication daily, based on the needs of each patient on the different wards. They are also able to track which medication was dispensed for which patient in real time, which allows them to adjust treatments while ensuring patient safety.

The current ADU systems have been used day in and day out for over ten years. This is quite a long time when it comes to hospital technology.

That’s why we have launched a $1 million campaign to replace all Automated Dispensing Units in our Hospital to provide safer care to our patients. This is only possible with your donations. Every gift makes a difference.