Fairs Team donates $6,500 to CGMH Foundation’s MRI campaign

Faris Team is donating $100 from each home sold in Collingwood toward the hospital’s new MRI machine

From Collingwood Today:

Faris Team, an area real estate brokerage, recently gave the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation a cheque for $6,500, which is earmarked for the current MRI campaign.

Collingwood’s hospital received word from the provincial government in December that it would receive operating funds for a new MRI lab on site. However, the hospital foundation is responsible for raising the funds needed to buy the MRI and to renovate a space in the hospital to build the lab for it. The government funding is for annual operating costs only.

The Faris Team has pledged to donate $100 from each home its team sells in Collingwood toward the hospital foundation’s MRI campaign.

For more on the hospital’s MRI campaign, click here.

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