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Giving Circle founding members Andrée Dell, Kara McIntosh, Joan Schatz & Joan Emmans

Giving Circle

We are an inclusive group of women in support of the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation funding projects that measurably impact the quality of care provided to patients in South Georgian Bay.

A unique opportunity to be part of a decision-making process, the Giving Circle focuses on funding “exceptional” needs not generally covered under the Hospital’s usual capital budgeting process. The Giving Circle meets annually for an intimate and informative presentation where three unique opportunities are presented by physicians and front-line care professionals. Members learn directly from those providing care, including the impact Giving Circle support will have on patients and families at CGMH, and have ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with key CGMH staff. Members go on to vote* to determine which program will receive funding for that year.

Projects presented must have a measurable impact with a goal of improving patient care not simply through purchasing new technology but by changing a system or program. Projects to be funded by Giving Circle members will be expected to predict patient care improvements. Recipients of funds will be required to report back to the membership within one year of their funding allocations.

*Members must provide a donation to be able to vote. Support of the Giving Circle qualifies for a charitable donation receipt from CGMHF.