Giving Circle funds over $90,000 for exceptional hospital needs

The 2023 Annual Giving Circle Meeting. From left to right: Dr. Olivia Cheng, Giving Circle founding members Andrée Dell, Kara McIntosh, Joan Emmans & Joan Schatz, GC event host Laura Wilson, Dr. Michael Lisi, CGMH President & CEO Michael Lacroix, CGMH Foundation President & CEO Jory Pritchard-Kerr

Earlier this month, over 50 women gathered together to hear five presentations from physicians and healthcare professionals from the Collingwood G&M Hospital. A beautiful evening, set in a beautiful location on Georgian Bay, this evening was full of reconnecting, conversation, and engaging pitches from our local healthcare team. Each of our presenters spoke passionately and graciously, making their appeal for their support.

A unique opportunity to be part of a decision-making process, the Giving Circle focuses on funding “exceptional” needs not generally covered under the Hospital’s usual capital budgeting process. Members learn directly from those providing care, including the impact Giving Circle support will have on patients and families at CGMH, and have ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with key CGMH staff. Members go on to vote to determine which program will receive funding for that year. By raising over $90,000, all five projects and programs will be funded. Read on to learn about the five ways this group is helping to make a different in healthcare for South Georgian Bay. 

Intelligent Endoscopy Module, Presented by Dr. Lisi

Detect the undetected: Improved diagnostics for patients with bowel problems.
The Intelligent endoscopy module offers a transformative solution for preventing colorectal cancer. By using Artificial Intelligence, this module detects polyps that are undetectable with the current system. By harnessing deep learning algorithms and real-time data, and through enhanced visualization, we can empower physicians to detect and treat colorectal polyps.

Stat Centrifuges – Presented by Sarah Hamilton

Reduce time to patient diagnosis and treatment.
New Stat Centrifuges will help to reduce the overall turnaround time of Chemistry, Coagulation and Blood Bank tests. Currently the average percentage of tests from “received” to ”verified” is around 85%. This should be closer to 95% percent in comparison to surrounding similar-sized laboratories. With the use of Stat Centrifuges, the lab will be able to reduce specimen turnaround time, meaning patients and physicians will receive results faster and physicians will be able to diagnose faster. And for those patients requiring blood transfusions, they will be able to find compatible blood products faster.

EVS Curtains & Sprayer – Presented by Sean Andrade

Decreased Emergency patient wait times and improved infection control.
Wipeable Vinyl Curtains for the Emergency Department (ED) that are durable and specifically designed for quick turnaround in patient areas. The curtains have a water repellent mesh, paired with a heavy-duty vinyl fabric, Super Bio Stat, which makes them easy to wipe down in place. There will be no need to take down curtains for cleaning.

The Victory Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer will achieve better cleaning coverage than traditional cleaning methods. As the latest and most modern way to apply cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants on surfaces, our hospital will be the first in Simcoe County to operate this type of sprayer.

Comprehensive Osteoporosis Care Research Study – Presented by Dr. Cheng

Bridging the Gap in Osteoporosis Care
A research study to create a comprehensive osteoporosis care (COC) pathway for inpatients and outpatients in the rural hospital setting to ultimately improve care for osteoporosis patients. The COC care team will consist of an orthopaedic surgeon, gynecologist, family physician, kinesiologist, educator, Osteoporosis Canada representative and a public representative. The COC will also partner with community organizations such as senior centers to educate and raise awareness about osteoporosis and community rehabilitation facilities to provide Bonefit exercise programs to help improve bone and muscle strength and balance to prevent falls.

Redesign of The Dr. Storey Physicians’ Lounge – Presented by Drs. O’Toole & Xie

A space for physicians to relax, recharge and work together to improve patient care.
Request comes from the Medical Staff Association to refurbish the Dr. Storey Lounge to make it a more comfortable and effective workspace and break room for physician use. The request is to cover the cost of flooring, painting and refurnishing the room. Concern for staff is a key theme in healthcare today. By treating the medical staff as valued members of the CGMH organization and expending resources to support them will attract workers while also preventing burnout and high turnover rates. At the same time, that effort pays it forward to providers’ keen focus on the patient experience, too.

“Research suggests that if staff members are happy, calm, and valued, the quality of care increases“

This year, we welcomed 13 new members to the Giving Circle and look forward to continuing to grow our group, and in turn, the collective impact.

On behalf our care team, our volunteers and the foundation team, we are incredibly grateful for our members support to this year’s Giving Circle projects. 

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