Hospital Update – From Today to Tomorrow

Architectural Rendering of hospital

The need for a new hospital is crystal clear but what is less clear is how we will manage to spend the next eight years in the current building.

It’s important for the community to understand the Foundation’s plans for supporting the hospital through the final years of planning and construction – scheduled to begin in 2028.

In 2025, the Foundation will launch a $100 million campaign to raise the community’s share of the construction of a new building but our work to ensure our physicians and staff are equipped to care for you when you need it most – today – is not over. 

This year, we will continue to raise funding for critical hospital equipment that will impact Internal Medicine, respiratory therapy, breast care screenings and diagnosis, advanced resuscitations, and better, faster results from our laboratory; all in the name of better patient outcomes today.

Your support equips our healthcare teams with the best tools and technology to provide outstanding care for South Georgian Bay.

We believe “tomorrow is built today” so even though 2025 will see our fundraising focus turn to the new building, the endowment funds that we have raised and carefully stewarded for the last twenty years will provide funding to purchase the critical hospital equipment we will need before we move into the new building in 2032.

And while we work to maintain our high standards of care at CGMH at today, we are behind-the-scenes, working with the Hospital leadership team to create a world-class facility, designed for the needs of our community.

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