Is leaving a gift in your Will right for you?

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Like you, we can’t stop thinking about what the future might look like. More importantly, about HOW we can help build a better-looking future for generations to come. Creating a better world is possible, and leaving a charitable gift in your Will may be the first step to do so. Not only can you make a bigger contribution to the CGMH Foundation, but your gift will make an impact well into the future of healthcare in South Georgian Bay.

“Estate planning is about making provision for who—and what—is important to you. Both elements are an important part of the legacy you leave and a charitable bequest can be a simple and effective tool in helping accomplish this goal.” 

Hilary Laidlaw, Lawyer
Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law

If all this is new to you, here are the most common questions we get about giving in this way:  

  1.  If I leave a charitable gift in my Will, can I still take care of my family? Yes, you can do both. A donation of as little as 1% of your estate can be a truly powerful gift, while still leaving 99% for family and friends.
  2. I’m not wealthy, I don’t have much to give. Most charitable bequests are left by the average Canadian. You may be surprised to find that when all of your assets are realized, you too will have a tidy sum to support both the people and causes you care about. 
  3. I want to know how my gift will be used. Legacy gifts made to CGMH Foundation are endowed, meaning the gift is invested in perpetuity and only the income from the gift is spent. Endowment funds provide a stable source of ongoing income, supporting CGMH now and for generations to come. Through endowment, you can create a permanent legacy in support of your Hospital and the Hospital benefits from an ongoing funding source for its highest priority needs. Every gift makes a difference in the future of the Collingwood G&M Hospital and healthcare here in South Georgian Bay.

Leaving a gift in your will is an incredible way to help create the healthcare system of the future – for all current and future members of our community.

We strongly encourage you to speak with your financial planner or lawyer, as well as your family and other beneficiaries, when deciding if a charitable bequest is right for you.

If on your journey, the discussion around legacy gets you thinking about how to make a lasting contribution to the CGMH Foundation, please get in touch. We would love to talk to you about how a gift in your Will can become a powerful tool for change.

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