Caring, courage, and kindness: A story of love and legacy.

Mike and Pat Henning leave behind a story of generosity, strength, and love. Always thinking of others, the Hennings went out of their way to help others. Married for 60 years, The Hennings were known for their unwavering bond, their lasting friendships, and their commitment to health and wellness. From small gestures like dropping off cookies to  friends in need, to chauffeuring friends to medical appointments, to a dedicated time of helping a close friend walk again, the Hennings took kindness and generosity to a whole new level. 

Their strength was tested through the tragedies of losing their sons who both died in hospital at such young ages.Following the passing of their sons, the Hennings shifted from vacationing in Collingwood to full-time residents and spent 25 years here. They believed that the Town of Collingwood was in need of a newer hospital facility and that the community would be very much involved in the fundraising of the money. 

Always a supporter of the hospital, Pat and Mike were very involved in fundraising including playing in many of the fundraising golf tournaments. Mike spent many hours over the last years of his life on dialysis at the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital and often praised the staff and the care they provided. Pat & Mike Henning spent their lifetimes giving back and took one step further by leaving a gift to the Collingwood G&M Hospital in their will to ensure future generations could enjoy better healthcare. We are incredibly grateful to the Hennings and are completely inspired by their generosity and dedication to those they loved.

If you or a loved one are considering a legacy gift to the Collingwood Hospital, please reach out to us. First, so we can thank you, and second, so we can know and plan for your fitt and ensure your wishes for how it will benefit CGMH are carried out.

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