Localizing Breast Cancer Tumours with Magnetic Seed Technology

“We believe in investing in cutting-edge care that will improve our operating rooms and provide a safer and more comfortable patient experience” – Marianne Beardsall, (Retired) Director of Patient Experience

After a successful trial of the MOLLI Wand, Dr. Lisi and Marianne Beardsall made the recommendation to have this “cutting edge” process available to patients at CGMH. MOLLI employs a small (about the size of sesame seed) magnetic marker which is implanted by a radiologist in the patient to localize the breast cancer tumour. During the procedure, the surgeon uses the MOLLI Wand, which detects the MOLLI Marker, to remove the lesion more efficiently, and ensures surgeons have the very best chance to locate and remove cancer areas.

Thanks to the generosity of our Giving Circle members, the MOLLI Wand has been in use at CGMH since September. This replaces the previous practice of marking the tumour with wires that are implanted the morning of the breast surgery. The magnetic seeds can be placed up to 30 days prior to surgery, reducing the length of a very stressful day for patients and allowing them to focus on their surgical experience.

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