Reliable funds for reliable care.  

Like many in our growing community, Derek & Deb Sewell chose to move to Collingwood amidst the challenges of the pandemic. However, prior to 2020 they visited the area frequently, often to spend time with family, including Derek’s parents, residents of the Creemore/Collingwood area for 38 years. Throughout the years, the Sewells have witnessed the exceptional care that Derek’s parents have received at CGMH. 

“The compassionate and high-quality care they consistently received left a lasting impression. The hospital has been a reliable source of support, always there when we have needed it.”

Derek’s family has also found other ways to give back to the healthcare community. His mother, Kathryn Sewell (also a longstanding donor), dedicated about 25 years of her time volunteering in the Diagnostic Imaging Department. 

Now fully immersed in this community, the Sewells have become aware of the hospital’s ongoing fundraising efforts. Having time to reflect on the outstanding care their family has received, they felt compelled to give back. Opting for a monthly contribution appeared to be the most practical and sustainable way for the Sewells to contribute to the hospital’s continued success. 

“We are grateful to be a part of this community and to support an institution that has played a significant role in our lives.”

We are grateful to you too, Deb & Derek. Thank you for being part of the club!

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