Remembering Pete Crompton: A legacy of connection, happiness, and joyful competitiveness.

Sunset point at sunset with inukshuk and people walking.

A legacy of connection, happiness, and joyful competitiveness.

Pete Crompton was one of those rare individuals that knew exactly how to live life to the fullest: phenomenal athlete, humble friend, terrific role model, Pete always made those around him feel alive.

In 2003, Pete Crompton died tragically in a boating accident, leaving behind a large, grieving community of friends and families. To honour Pete, the Pete Crompton Foundation was founded; dedicated to preserving Pete’s warm and generous spirit by supporting registered, charitable organizations with mandates in safety, athletics, health, and education. 

“The tragedy of Pete’s passing galvanized and rallied people around wanting to perpetually remember him and celebrate a legacy which was of connection, of happiness, and of joyful competitiveness.” – Rob Magwood, one of Pete’s closest friends and Foundation President.

Pete was a graduate of Guelph. He was an accomplished athlete. He’d been on the Ontario Ski Team, he was a low-handicap golfer, he sailed, windsurfed and surfed on four continents. At the time of his passing, he was an investment property sales representative with CB Richard Ellis.

For all of his accomplishments, he may be most celebrated for his friendships and relationships with family. He shared a special friendship with his brother Jeff, a local firefighter and first responder. Pete and his mother Judy were kindred spirits sharing the beautiful gift of gregariousness; warm, attentive, and always bringing joy to those around them. Pete was an amazing friend with a large, diverse network. “Pete was a connector. He brought us all together. While some are fortunate to have a best friend or two, Pete had roughly 10-20 people that thought of Pete as their best friend.” – Rob Magwood

Pete had a special bond with his dad, Kenny, who passed away in 2010. Kenny, a passionate skier and golfer, was the force behind the Foundation for Pete. His intense and passionate focus on the Foundation helped him to cope with the loss of his son. As a lawyer, Kenny also advocated for the amendment of Bill 209, to criminalize drinking and boating and enacting the same punishment as drinking and driving for a car. He pushed that mandate forward and was highly successful in bringing that to fruition in Ontario.

The first act of fundraising for the Pete Crompton Foundation was in February of 2004, a highly successful ski day that brought out over 450 attendees from all across Ontario. Through ticket sales and corporate donations, they realized that Pete’s network had given them an extraordinary ability to fundraise in Pete’s memory in a significant way. The ski day was held for 10 years, enabling the Foundation to grow and provide donations to charities and non-profit organizations aligned with Pete’s spirit: sports, safety, and youth. 

Since its inception, the Pete Crompton Foundation has provided over $350,000 in support to CGMH.

Throughout the two decades of operations, CGMH has been the biggest beneficiary of the Pete Crompton Foundation. After 20 years in operation, the Foundation is looking to the future with their next iteration of giving: a transformational gift to once again celebrate Pete Crompton and the spirited life he led. After careful consideration as to the most appropriate charity to allocate resources, they returned to the mandate of safety, children, sports, and chose the hospital for their gift. 

“All of us have (unfortunately) spent a lot of time at CGMH: a local hospital that serves not just a local population. We all have our stories. A lot of Pete’s friends are now working at CGMH, and quite a few of Pete’s network from Toronto have moved up to Collingwood. This hospital has become a really important part of our life, from our children’s births, ski accidents, and our own parents receiving the best in patient care.” – Rob Magwood

Image of Pete Crompton

We are incredibly grateful to the Pete Crompton Foundation for choosing the CGMH Foundation. Their generosity will ensure that our healthcare teams can continue to deliver outstanding care for South Georgian Bay. Thank you.  

Thank you to Wadood Bhatti for the beautiful image of Sunset Bay @wadoodbhatti.

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