Spring updates from Foundation CEO & Board Chair

Teamwork makes the dreamwork in South Georgian Bay 

This has been an extraordinary time for both CGMH and the Foundation. Our teams have been steadfast in their commitment to ensuring that outstanding care remains our top priority. We are proud to partner with the Hospital leadership team that is creating a world-class facility, designed for the needs of our community, while also making revolutionary changes to the equipment within the current facility. A new hospital is part of our bright future, but we need to ensure we maintain that same level of care, today. Be sure to read our latest article on the exciting improvements and renovations coming to our Diagnostic Imaging Department. 

You are part of our team. You are creating impact for patients and for your community by supporting the CGMH Foundation. Thank you.

Because of our community of support, we raised over $5 million for the new MRI machine, plus an additional $1.5M for critical hospital equipment. On behalf of all staff at CGMH and the Foundation, we extend our sincere gratitude. We will be able to provide the very best in care, right here at home, and that is all because of you. Thank you for being part of this team. We hope to be doing our first MRI scans in early 2025.

This year, we are continuing to gain momentum (and excitement) to launch our larger campaign for a new hospital. And while working on those plans, we are raising funds for critical hospital equipment that will impact Internal Medicine, breast care screenings and diagnosis, advanced resuscitations, and better, faster results from our laboratory; all in the name of better patient outcomes.

So much work is being done to bring us closer to breaking ground on a new hospital. Both the Ministry of Health and Infrastructure Ontario are working to approve CGMH’s Functional Planning 1.3 Submission and finalize construction timelines which will enable our team to begin detailed architectural drawings to support the RFP process for construction. 

Please enjoy all of our latest news, full of impact, stories of gratitude, and community engagement; all showcasing the team spirit that is so prevalent in our community. As well, coming up in May, is Canada’s annual celebration of our doctors and nurses and we love any excuse to say thank you! Our nurses are supported by so many different teams here at CGMH. From our environmental services teams, physio and laboratory departments to our caring volunteers and our incredible community of support, the entire team at CGMH has supported one another through so much these past couple of years. We are honoured to recognize and support them in their sheer determination and resiliency. Please thank them for their strength and courage the next time you encounter one of the Hospital’s dedicated team members! 

From Jory Pritchard-Kerr Foundation President & CEO
& Michael Dick, CGMH Foundation Board Chair

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