Art’s Story

When a skiing accident landed Art Church in the CGMH Emergency Department, he was glad that he could be referred to Orthopaedic Services where expert surgeon, Dr. Henry Koo took over his care. To show his appreciation to Dr. Koo and the entire surgical team, Art decided to make a gift of $1 million to the program.

“I sustained a very serious upper arm injury due to a fluke skiing accident,” says Art Church “The Collingwood Hospital emergency department and the orthopedic surgical team did a wonderful job of putting me back together with a rather lengthy and complicated operation of over 3.5 hours. The arm has healed 100% although I still have lots of physio in front of me. I will be forever grateful to Dr Henry Koo and his team for their skill and my ultimate recovery. I have been very lucky in life and I am more than pleased to repay some of that to support our hospital in order they can continue to improve and serve our community.” Click here for the full story.

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