Cindy’s story

Cindy James loves being outdoors. All year around she finds herself outside either on long walks with her dog, or biking when it’s warm and skiing when it’s not. She’s originally from Ancaster, but during the winter months, Cindy spends her time enjoying the South Georgian Bay slopes, working as a ski patroller. Every year she rents a place in Collingwood with a few friends, and they make the best of what winter has to offer. Cindy has been skiing since she can remember, and has never had a serious ski injury before. 

Until this last ski season, that is. It was a cold winter day and Cindy was skiing with friends when suddenly she found herself lying on the snow, having to count on the help of her fellow ski patrollers. After riding an ambulance to the Collingwood G&M Hospital (CGMH), going through the Emergency Department and being assessed by the orthopaedic team, it turns out Cindy had broken both her arm and her leg on the right side and needed surgery to help heal properly. Although this was not how Cindy had planned for her day to go, she recalls everything in a very positive way: “my experience as a CGMH patient was amazing since the beginning, which put me on the right track for my recovery. From the moment I was put in that ambulance to when I was discharged from the hospital, I felt really special, like people cared about me,” said Cindy. 

After undergoing orthopaedic surgery, Cindy stayed in the hospital for 24 hours and was very impressed: “I was overwhelmed with the friendliness & professionalism of everyone that crossed my path. Even the food was amazing – and I am not a foodie. The first time I could eat after my surgery, a blueberry scone appeared on my tray. I was a bit skeptical but took a little piece – next thing I know I had eaten the whole scone. I usually don’t even eat a full muffin, but this was too good to leave behind. And this kept happening with every meal that was brought to me. I was told that they had started a new food program in the hospital and all I can say is that it was amazing. 

Every time someone came to collect my tray I sent compliments to the food services staff,” recalled Cindy. Before Cindy was discharged, Dr. Collings gave her a date and time to come back to the hospital for his fracture clinic. “I immediately started to dread it. I had been to fracture clinics in the past and it was usually a long difficult day of checking in, and a whole lot of waiting: for the x-ray, to be seen, to get a follow-up. But when I arrived at CGMH, the process was so smooth and efficient from registration, to x-ray to seeing the surgeon and everyone in follow-up. 

There was not much waiting and plenty of time to answer my questions.” It only took a few minutes for Cindy to see Dr. Collings and Roger (the orthopaedic technician), who gave her a new brace. “Just like that I was done, ready to go back home and continue my recovery. Everyone was so lovely, pleasant, efficient and so forthcoming with information,” she said. Cindy is now recovering from home, doing her physio exercises, and continuing to get stronger by the day. “Even though I only live in Collingwood part-time, I am so thankful I was able to receive the care I needed while I was here. I am especially grateful for the all talented people who work at CGMH”, remarked Cindy.

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