David’s Story

“We are always grateful to have a hospital nearby when it is needed, but the real difference lies in the people who staff it. And it is not just in their professionalism and expertise, it’s in their caring and understanding under the most demanding of circumstances. And might I add, their incredible patience. I experienced all of it this past September when I arrived at ER with what I thought was heartburn. It wasn’t, it was a heart attack.

Every member of the ER team deserves the greatest of accolades – and gratitude – for fast tracking me and getting me to Royal Victoria in Barrie. I know, I know, it’s their job but they did everything in the midst of what was obviously intense and overburdened demand. I want to compliment the members of the team who cared for me. These people are a credit to the organization and profession and representative of the “unsung heroes” we don’t recognize and thank enough.

May this short letter be indicative of the community’s deeper and broader appreciation for all that you do! Again, many thanks! David H.”

Story submitted to the CGMH Foundation by David H.

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