Elaine’s Story

I am an employee at the G&M Hospital and, as expected in a community hospital, we provide care for our “loved ones” from time to time. As it happens, for 10 days straight there have been 2 of my “loved ones” through our doors; from the Emergency Room to Diagnostic Imaging to the Operating Room, into Ambulatory Care and onto the Surgical Floor. As an Operating Room nurse, I especially want to express the pride I feel for my skilled and caring co-workers and to thank all of our talented anaesthetists and surgeons. 

On top of those front line workers, I must also acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all behind the scenes staff. From the Medical Device Reprocessing Department – MDRD (where they make sure all surgical tools and medical equipment are sterilized), through to the Foundation, all of whom make it possible for us to do the job we do with the most well-functioning up to date equipment available to us. My thanks also go out to the generous folks in our community that support us so reliably both monetarily and with your time as volunteers. Respectfully, Elaine Banks, RN

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