Ellie’s Story

“This summer I was very sick for 5 weeks, getting weaker every day. My family physician, Dr. Richard Cornell ordered 3 or 4 blood tests to try to pinpoint what was wrong with me, and they showed a very high number for inflammation. So, Dr. Cornell and my partner Larry thought that I should be taken to the Emergency Department at CGMH. It was taking a long time to get to a diagnosis as my symptoms could have been any number of illnesses.

When I got to emerg, the triage nurse could see that I was very ill and after describing my symptoms she immediately had me put in a bed in the Emergency Department.

It was extremely busy, with every bed filled. I have to say that I was treated exceptionally well. Each time I needed something, a nurse attended to me immediately. Everyone was very pleasant, helpful, and efficient.

The next morning, I was seen by Dr. Mark Quigg. Dr. Quigg asked me about my symptoms, and I believe that when I told him that I had pain in my jaw and that it was painful to open my mouth or chew anything he had me put in a room on the Medical floor and arranged for Dr. Mark Bonta to see me in my room.

Dr. Bonta was so pleasant and put me at ease immediately. He had read my chart before seeing me and was aware of all my symptoms. He said he was 95% certain that I had Giant Cell Arteritis.

He arranged for Dr. Lisi to perform a temporal artery biopsy right away. Dr. Lisi performed the biopsy in my room. The attending nurse knew I was apprehensive, and she held my hand throughout the biopsy, while holding a flashlight for Dr Lisi with the other hand. She comforted me the entire time, and I was so grateful for that. After the biopsy, Dr. Bonta had me take the appropriate medication. Within an hour I started to feel better and was discharged.

From the time I entered the Triage station to the time I was discharged I was treated with utmost care and respect. All my needs were accommodated immediately by all nurses and doctors. All were very friendly, efficient, and caring. I could not have been looked after any better anywhere. For a small, busy hospital, I was truly impressed by my care. And I thank everyone who looked after me. In the end, Dr. Bonta saved me with his speedy, knowledgeable diagnosis. Everyone I saw before seeing Dr. Bonta lead up to that.

Thank you to all those that helped me get on the road to comfortably managing my Giant Cell Arteritis.”

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