Jane’s Story

I ended up in CGMH for a three night stay in July of 2021. The timing was bad for everyone – for me, for my family, for the hospital who were trying to keep caring for us all whilst the pandemic continued and services were stretched to their limits. I am so thankful for everyone at the hospital that played a part in my stay…from the wonderful paramedics (inserting an IV in an ambulance is quite the skill), to the ER staff who were so so busy, to the nurses on the ward that do more than just their job every single day and of course the doctors who have to try and fix us all. 

I also have to say thank you to the food services. Their food really is great, especially the bran muffins. Without these people and the CGMH building, hospital visits and stays for people in our community would be even harder – we’d have to be in a hospital nowhere near our family and of course we would lose that personal touch that comes from living and working closely around each other. Thankfully my story ended well, and I am home and healthy but its a comfort to me to know that, should I need care, its right there, just down the road, and I trust the facility and its staff with my life. Thank you again

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